March 2023

Monthly Market Snapshot

The analysis of the portfolio for March shows several noteworthy trends. There's substantial growth in loan volume and a moderate increase in outstanding balances, indicating continued loan servicing. The increase in early-stage delinquencies (Par 30 and Par 60) and the significant rise in more severe delinquencies (Par 90) are concerning and require careful management. The improvement in the collection rate is a positive sign. The changes in loan terms and interest rates may have implications for the portfolio's risk profile and profitability. Lenders should closely monitor delinquency trends and assess the impact of changing loan terms and interest rates on portfolio performance.

A full breakdown of the calculations for these metrics is available here.

IndicatorMar MoM
Outstanding Balance5.25%
Par 30 0.21%
Par 600.23%
Par 900.71%
Collection Rate6.88%