Institutional-grade risk analytics you can trust

The metrics, analytics, data sharing, and customization you need to manage all of your private debt deals.

Institutional-grade risk analytics

Over 30 of the most used risk analytics by risk professionals and debt investors, built to market standards using raw data. From traction metrics to vintage-based analysis, Cascade provides an accurate view of portfolios.
Risk Analytics Dashboard

Financial metrics

High-level visibility on company financials, from cash runways to debt equity ratios.
Financial Metrices Dashboard

Share data with stakeholders

All data in Cascade can be shared right in the system with specific stakeholders. Either invite stakeholders to login and view data, or export charts (or full loantapes) to share outside of the system.
Share  Data with Stakeholders

Filter and group data with custom settings

Dive deeper into underlying data by focusing on specific date ranges or groups. See how delinquency rates have been split by product, or check out volumes split by credit score, all done with a few clicks.
Filter andgroup data with custom settings

Multi-currency and multi-geography support

Track all metrics in both local currency and US dollars, and split between entities and different geographies.
Filter andgroup data with custom settings

Join the revolution and experience the power of Cascade.