Monthly Market Snapshot

Cascade is excited to publish a monthly market snapshot that provides an overview of the current state of the global lending market through the lens of Cascade’s ever evolving data set. Our goal is to provide key stakeholders (lenders, investors, service providers, policy makers, educators, etc.) with data-driven insights into what is happening in this rapidly changing industry in near real-time. The monthly month over month snapshot provides a macro overview while future reports will provide more detailed analysis on trends, borrower behavior and lender activity. The information contained here is for benchmarking and an overall barometer of the health of the lending space.

The dataset is uniquely curated from lenders across the world (all 6 continents are represented) and across both consumer and business lending. From seed startups to unicorns, from auto lenders to micro lenders to large business lenders. The dataset is rather diversified, giving it the ability to provide a unique data insight that was previously missing. Overtime we will break down the dataset to dive deeper into the numbers to compare business vs consumer lending or emerging markets vs developed markets.
All analysis is based on simple averages that do not weight one lender different from other lenders and in this perspective no individual lender can be identified using this analysis. To prevent outliers from distorting the dataset, we do remove the top 10% and bottom 10% from each calculation. Each lender has a unique story behind the journey they are on, which explains why growth increased, or defaults increased, or collections were down one month. The analysis here is to help create a first of it’s kind benchmark for the industry as a whole.

Finally, as the Cascade dataset continues to grow, snapshots will not be updated, so it’s important to realize that each month the dataset is growing with new lenders being onboarded.

We truly hope you enjoy the analysis and it provides a level of insight otherwise not available.
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