May 2024

Monthly Market Snapshot

In May 2024, Cascade clients saw a moderate increase in loan volume and a slight decline in outstanding balances. Delinquency metrics improved overall, with decreases in Par 30, Par 60, and Par 90 rates, indicating better repayment behavior. However, the collection rate dropped significantly, highlighting ongoing challenges in recovering overdue payments and necessitating stronger collection strategies. Loan terms continued to lengthen slightly, and interest rates saw a minor increase. Overall, while there are positive trends in loan volume and delinquency metrics, addressing the declining collection rate and managing the implications of longer loan terms remain crucial.

A full breakdown of the calculations for these metrics is available here.

IndicatorMay MoM
Outstanding Balance-0.38%
Par 30-0.96%
Par 60-0.13%
Par 90-0.03%
Collection Rate-5.74%