Streamlined and simplified operations

Streamline and automate your debt operations with automated reporting, our document center, payment schedule generation, and capital draw request automation.

Automated reporting

Cascade can generate all reporting requirements including compliance certificates, waterfall reports, and more to save your teams hours of manual work while reducing potential errors. Cascade has standard templates to use but can also build custom reports to match existing workflows.
Operations exporting

Document center

No more digging through emails or folders to find deal documents - everything is saved in the Document Center along with e-signature integrations as required and audit trails on when files were uploaded or sent.

Payment schedule generation

Generate and monitor your payment schedule with ease.
Schedule reporting

Capital draw and advance request automation

Companies can request capital from investors directly in Cascade, with multi-class and multi-investor or entity structures supported natively. Requests have e-signature integrations (if needed) and payment schedules are updated automatically once funds have been received.

Join the revolution and experience the power of Cascade.