Monitor your facilities real-time, with ease

Streamline your monitoring process with aggregated cash flow, covenant, and collateral pool monitoring.
Deal Monitoring tab image

Aggregated cashflow tracking

Reconcile transaction data with bank account data automatically everyday with direct integrations with both company raw data and bank accounts worldwide.

Covenant tracking

Monitor all deal covenants in almost real-time, customized so that they match debt agreements exactly. Types of covenants supported include portfolio / asset performance covenants, financial covenants, impact covenants, and more - as long as the data is there, we can track it and with full audit trails.

Collateral pool monitoring

Always know the status of receivables and cash balances with purpose-built dashboards that are updated daily. Cascade natively supports even the most complex asset-backed lending deals including borrowing base tracking, eligibility criteria monitoring, dynamic advance rates, and more.

Back-up servicing that is ready to go

Cascade integrates with back-up servicers to ensure they get the data needed to step in when necessary, transforming them from cold servicers that receive data intermittently to hot servicers that always have the latest data they need.

Join the revolution and experience the power of Cascade.