March 2024

Monthly Market Snapshot

In March 2024, Cascade clients saw significant growth in loan volume and a moderate rise in outstanding balances, indicating steady loan growth. Delinquency metrics (Par 30, Par 60, and Par 90) improved, suggesting better repayment behavior. However, the collection rate significantly decreased, highlighting challenges in recovering overdue payments and necessitating enhanced collection strategies. The increase in loan terms could also lead to greater long-term risk exposure for lenders. Additionally, a slight decrease in interest rates benefits borrowers but may slightly impact lender profitability. Overall, while the portfolio shows strong growth and improved loan performance, proactive measures are needed to address declining collection rates and longer loan terms.

A full breakdown of the calculations for these metrics is available here.

IndicatorMarch MoM
Outstanding Balance1.24%
Par 30-0.41%
Par 60-0.41%
Par 90-0.31%
Collection Rate-5.00%